Monday, February 4, 2013

Well this week was really great, but tiring. 

We worked so hard all week and because of our effort we saw miracles in our area! This whole week was full of running around and having a great time teaching all of the wonderful people that live in our area, and we had 3 new people at church. They are all wonderful people who'll get baptized here in a little bit. They all have their problems, but there is nothing that the Lord can't fix! 

We are walking a ton. The hills here are worse than I remembered and we climb mountains all day every day! It's kind of ridiculous! I'm getting super tan and my tan lines are terrible. They are funny though. 

Soares (the man who got baptized this past week) went to church yesterday and he is doing great. Love him a lot and he's so smart! He is 66 and a little fireball. He doesn't talk that much, but when he does you always want to listen. 

I've learned so much about fasting and prayer on my mission and they really are tools that we need to use in our lives. They are so powerful, but we don't always realize that until we have our own experiences. I've had so many powerful experiences through fasting and prayer that I'll never be able to deny. Miracles are real and they happen every day. We just need to let them happen to us. If we let Heavenly Father into our lives, He is willing to show and give us things that we never thought possible before. 

Just like we have free agency to choose what we are going to do in our life, we also have to use this free agency to let our Heavenly Father into our lives. It has to be our choice. The same applys to the atonement of Jesus Christ. He has already done everything that we need, now it is our choice if we are going to accept it or not. 

I love you all and it is my prayer that we can choose the right so that we have the power to make the necissary sacrifices in our lives. 


- Elder Moore