Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Recife Bound!!!

  It´s finally here! The last P-Day in the CTM. Fun story for today. We went to a REAL  Brazillian Steakhouse today! About an hour ago actually! It was just like Rodizios, but I only payed 23 Reis. Pretty sweet I know. :) So, we went out and placed more copies of The Book of Mormon this past Friday! Except this time we wen´t downtown...waaayyyy more scary. We had the same amount of time, but we had 6 copies instead of 4 this time. Let me describe downtown São Paulo. Wall Street. We went to the Wall Street of São Paulo except bigger. With more people. Who were just as busy. It was so much fun!!! :) I loved it. Except I made a big mistake...in order to try and help Elder Bowden get over his fear of talking to people, I told him he was going to give out the 1st copy. He didn´t talk to ANYONE for an hour straight, so I started. I gave away my three in about 20 or 30 minutes, and then it was his turn again. He gave out 1...I was kind of really disappointed that we had to return with 2 copies. That means that 2 people didn´t get the chance that day to learn about Jesus Christ´s Church!!! I was upset, but now I´m over it! This time next week I´ll be in Recife and be a real missionary. I´m so excited for that. Well, not much new here. Just finishing up my time in the CTM! I love my District and will send a picture to you sometime :). Portuguese is still coming like always. I think I get a little better every day. I´m glad missionties is working now! How long did it take to get the letter I sent you? I´ll send another one today because I have all the time I want to write, but not to email...so this is the end of my email! Sorry it´s so short, but I´m not even really leaving anything out! We do the same thing day after day here in the CTM! Thanks for everything you all do! Love you all so much! - Elder Moore

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oi! July19th, 2011

This past week has been good! Not too much to report, but one good thing is that this coming Friday we are going downtown again and placing more copies of the Book of Mormon. More good news, I´m scheduled to finish the Book of Mormon for the first time since I´ve been a Missionary! I have really gotten soooo much more out of it then ever before. It is the best book in this world. 
! It´s hard when you sit in a classroom for 10 hours a day...but I´m trying. I know that I´ll be walking. Everywhere when I leave :). Cold is over and It´s starting to get hot again here! It´s nice though. Discussions are going good. It helps that we practice every day and I have my own little things that I always like to add in! I´m trying my hardest to think it Portuguese, but for now I´m just thinking in English and translating to Portuguese! I´m excited for y´all to have Bishop Dayhuff! That will be so great! Well, the Church is true! Have faith in Christ and all things are possible. Love you all, - Elder Moore

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Real Missionary Work!!!

 So, every day here is EXACTLY the same, except for Friday. Friday was awesome, so I finally have something to put in my email home! On Friday we went out around the CTM (about a 2 mile radius) and each companionship was given 4 copies of The Book of Mormon to place. It was so awesome! We had an hour and a half and we made the best of it. We headed out and started placing them, and suprize...I got to do almost all of the talking! I´m totally okay with that though. It was a blast! We placed our first in about 10 minutes, but then we had a ton a rejections for about 45 minutes. We struck gold with our last three contacts though. They were all very nice and patient with our Portuguese, and it was so great! We committed 3 out of the 4 to go to church the following Sunday, but it stinks that I´ll never get to know what happened to them! It made me really sick of the CTM and all I want to do now is get to Recife and start doing work! Portuguese is still coming. I wouldn´t say that it´s easy, but it´s definitely fun! I love the language, but there is still SO much for me to learn. Other than Friday, every other day was the same. We wake up, shower, breakfast, personal study, class, lunch, more personal/comp study, dinner, class, bed. Pretty awesome, I know. It´s awesome to hear about the changes in the Ward! Congrads Bishop Dayhuff, and it was great to have Bishop Peterson! Well, questions are always good to have so that I can answer things and my emails will be longer! :) Love you all, and letters are always welcome! - Elder Moore

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July

This week has seemed like it has lasted forever!!! It doesnt seem like I wrote a week ago. More like a month! But anyway...the enter button doesnt work here so I cant make new paragraphs still. That stinks, but at least I get to e-mail! Well, I do the same exact thing every day, so there isnt much to tell you, but I´ll try my best! We went out in São Paulo last P-Day and it was so great! It´s so much fun to be able to walk around and talk to the Brazillian people! They are all so wonderful and loving and accepting! They arent frustrated when you try to speak to them in broken Portuguese so that´s a good thing :) Elder Hubbard, Elder Turley, and my companion and I were walking around last week and I started talking to a shop owner. She had a Book of Mormon so we started being missionaries :) we were in a rush to get back to the CTM so we had to leave earlier than I would like, but we are about to go back there and talk to her some more and hopefully get some commitments out of her! Speaking about real missionary work, we have our first ´milestone´ thing this week. On Friday each companionship is given 4 copies of the Book of Mormon to go out and place in a quite large area around the CTM! I´m extremely excited, but Elder Bowden seems really nervous. It´ll be fun. So, this 4th of July was about a billion times better than my last one haha! They dressed up the cafeteria in red, white, and blue and made hamburgers and hotdogs for lunch (lunch is the big meal of the day here and I don´t remember if I told you that). Don´t worry, my letters will be much much longer in a month when I have more to talk about and more than about 25 minutes to read and write emails...I´m so ready to go to Recife! Portuguese gets better with each passing day, but at the same time my English is getting worse and worse. I didn´t think it would happen this fast, but I´m forgetting English words. Cool, but frustrating. So, one thing I didn´t expect is that winter here in São Paulo actually gets pretty dang cold! I´ve broken out my hoodie that I got at the MTC qutie a bit and I made friends with the cleaning ladies so I could get another blanket :). That´s pretty much all I have to write, so now just some general things. Congrats to Cameron!!! That´s so awesome about his Call! The food here is good. Always just a type of meat, rice, and beans. Oh, and some of the best fruit ever! I got a GIANT banana yesterday and it was one of the highlights of my day. Hope everyone had a good 4th of July! I love you all and thanks for the letters and love. Com amo, Elder Moore

Friday, July 1, 2011

June 28th, 2011

The enter button doesn´t work here either so this email is going to be one big clump :).  There are 8 guys in my district and my Comp is......Elder Bowden....again.... SO I´ll just have to work with that. My new District is pretty cool, but I miss my old one a ton. The plane ride was extremely long and I didn´t get much sleep because my ankle was bothering me. The CTM is about a 1/10 the size of the MTC (people and building wise). Portuguese is so much faster here its crazy, but its good because I get to talk to Brazilians all day every day! They are such nice people and are so loving. We are going out on the town in about an hour or so, so that will be fun and I´ll have more to report about the city next week. São Paulo is HUGE. Honestly, the biggest thing Ive ever seen in my life. We got to go to the São Paulo Temple this morning, but that was really early. No problems with Customs or Immigration at all. Just smooth sailing! We still have gym 5 times a week but its extremely limited. And it´s only my District so that kind of sucks. Food is GREAT. And they portion it out for you so that´s good too. Tons of beans and rice, but it´s good. I think I answered all of the questions, so now I´ll tell you about some things I´ve been thinking about this week! The Gospel of Jesus Christ can apply to everyone and anything at anytime. You just need to find out how to tie it in. When we are talking about the Gospel with others, we can ALWAYS tie the Gospel in to whatever the conversation is about because it apply's to everything! It´s so great how that works :) Well, I love you all and PLEASE SEND LETTERS.