Monday, August 6, 2012

Yay! I'm happy Sis Dayhuff got the package from a long time ago.

I'll be waiting on the package!

My comp/comps names are Elder Berg and Elder (get ready for it) Venâncio! I got a new comp today (it's the transfer today). Elder Berg is going to train him on how to be the secretary for the mission during this transfer and then it will be me and Venâncio for a while.

Elder Berg is from Santa Caterina, Brasil and is way cool. He lived in the States for 2 years before the mission studying. He has about a year and a half on the mission and will go home in January.

Elder Venâncio is from Santos, São Paulo and is cool too. I don't really know anything about him yet because I've known him for about 2 hours now, but I like him! He is outgoing and funny. He is also like 26 or 27 years old. Cool, huh?

The area is good. We aren't teaching a TON of people, but we have a promising young lady (23 years old). Her name is Anna Claudia and is way cool. She has been to church like 3 times and I like her! We are teaching her aunt too.

I try to eat properly, but i usually eat stuff on the run and it ends up being bad food.. that's why i wanted the vitamins! Yes, it is the ocean you see from my apt picture!

I MISS THE OLYMPICS! I wanna watch..

Pday is usually a sleep day.. and go grocery shopping! But we didn't go grocery shopping last week, so we'll do that today with our new comp!

Love you mom. So very much. I had a really rough week this past week, but I found a talk as a responce to a bunch of questions that I had. I'm so greatful for the tender mercys of the Lord that come through his servants! Thank you for all you've taught me and done for me. I also became a grandpa today... my kid (Elder Dias) is training finally so i just turned into a grandpa! The family line lives on in the Brasil Recife Mission! Whoop!

Love you,
Elder Moore

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Have I told you lately that I love you? I don't think I have... I LOVE YOU :) So happy you are home and I can talk to you again now!


I bought oranges the other day...they were not good. It's funny, the best fruit I've eaten here has either been when i buy it off the street, or pick it off the tree, the supermarkets never really have that great of fruit! Much the opposite of the US..

I'm so happy that you had such a great time!

You didn't find Nessy? :( That's sad...just as long as you know that SHE EXISTS!

We've baptized for 3 weeks in row now! I think the roll might be halted a little bit though because we switched areas.. we got to mark 2 or 3 more baptisms for our other area right before we left, but now it is just the assistants area...and they don't work all that much in the area, so i'm scared for my people! I hope they continue on and get baptized like they know they should! It would have been cool to stay there and baptize 5 or 6 weeks in a row, but I guess there are people in the Recife ward that need our help now! As a matter of fact I know there are because we baptized a girl this past saturday in the Recife ward. She is awesome. Here is an easy name for y'all.. Rebecca! haha she is a great girl (23 years old) and came to live with her aunt a little while ago (her aunt is a member). She had some great experiences and received a power answer to her question about the church and baptism!

It's cool to be in the Brazil Recife the Recife the Recife ward... :) not many people get to do that! The ward is great and is a very "old" ward. Meaning that the members have been members for a long time and are very solid and faithful in the faith. It also means that we are gonna have to work extra hard to gain their trust.. but that's okay. I'm giving a talk next week on the Book of Mormon! :)

That is about it!

Thoughts from the Mission.

What an amazing life we have to live...

This really is an amazing life that we live and we are so lucky to have the privledge of being here on the earth! We have a body! That in and of itself is amazing. Our Heavenly Father let us come here to get a body so that we could take that step to becoming like he is! He also gave us the Holy Ghost so that we can know when we are doing right things and wrong things. I love teaching that to people and seeing their reactions! It's almost always different reactions and you really get to learn about people by how they react in certain situations!

This past while has been wonderful. So incredibly wonderful. I've been experiencing the tender mercies of the Lord and He has been helping me grow and mature in my spirituality. I'm so blessed and grateful for the blessings my Father in Heaven gives me. We are forever in His debt. That is one thing that I learned a long time ago, but has been reenforced here on the mission. We can try to repay Him by doing what is right and helping others as much as possible, but every time we do that, He will just keep piling on the blessings. That's why the most successful missionaires are the ones you see always serving, loving, teaching, and helping. Plus through all that service and love, you just become a happy person in general!

I had this opportunity this past Sunday to give a talk in our new ward! It was the second sunday that we had been there and I consider myself lucky because I got to speak alongside a general athority! Elder Granja (a new area seventy) was speaking and the Bishop has asked me the previous week to talk on the subject of....THE BOOK OF MORMON! What a great thing to talk about! Plus it's easy to talk for 15 minutes about the Book of Mormon so I didn't have to worry about finding a bunch of material :). Well I had a very sacred experience that happened because of that talk that I will not share in here, but I'm positive will share with people throughout my life when the Spirit of the Lord prompts me to. Let's just say that it was the most blantant answer from my Heavenly Father that I've ever had. It was just in the nick of time and I will be eternally grateful for it. It was like a steroid for my testimony and I have been so incredibly happy ever since.

This past monday we had the start of a new transfer and... I have a new companion! Elder Berg (my old companion) will be training a new secretary to take his spot here in 5 weeks so I'm in a trio now. His name is Elder Venâncio and is from Santos, São Paulo. He is a great Elder and has 7 months on the mission. He is very funny and we are getting along great. I'm so lucky to have such great luck with companions! Most...actually all of them have turned out to be my best friends. Elder Pires, Elder Dias, Elder Batschi, Elder Berg, and now Elder Venâncio. I'm so blessed once again and I'm so lucky to have had these great companions to go forth and share the good word of Christ.

As you guys know, I've been excited to serve a mission for a while, but i never in a million years would have guessed what lay in store for me. I have a testimony that gets strenghtened every day that missionaries really are called by God and that they go EXACTLY where the Lord needs them and they have the exact Presidente that they need during their service. That is something new that I learned during the mission. Of course you are going to help everyone you share your message with and you'll grow by yourself, but your Mission President is such a huge factor in your mission! He molds you and I am so greatful to have President Lanius and to have been so close to him for these past 5 months or so. I learn more about life and the Gospel every time I'm with him and he is a huge role model in my life. I will try to keep in touch with him forever and I wish you guys could meet him one day. He is a great man with such an amazing spirit and knowledge. I love him and his example.

I'm so greatful for y'all (family) and the friends who write to me and support me. It means so much to hear from people back home who let you know that they are proud of you and help you through the hard times...yup, the hard times, while a mission is one of the best things someone could do in their life, it is incredibly hard and you feel helpless and overwhelmed at times. It's in these moments that you grow. It's through the refiners fire that we become purified and sanctified. I've been through it time and time again and I know that I will continue to pass through it, because I'm not perfect...not even close. I will always learn and always better myself. That is pretty much the message that we get through the scriptures about repentence and enduring to the end, so I take it that if we are better tomorrow then we are today, we are on the right path. But by chance if we regress in life, we still have that knowledge of where we were once and that should be able to give us the drive to continue on until we pass that peak that we were at before. Always aim to be better, always aim for perfection.

So, I just want you all to know how much I love this Church and how greatful I am for my Saviour Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice. For any out there who are wondering why I'm on a mission, it's because I know this Church to be the Church of Jesus Christ that was reesablished by Him in our days so that we can prepare for His coming and help others do the same. That is my purpose right now, to teach others about what I came to know was true as a silly, pensative, a little lost, 16 year old boy. I received an answer at the exact time that I needed to, and I will remember those feelings and that answer forever. I have a love for missionary work and sharing this Gospel with those who don't know of it yet, or those who knew of it once, but lost that vision. I know that we always have two choices. We can choose the right and repent and become better ever day, following Christ...OR we can choose the easy way, the fun way, even the carefree way, and eventually end up regreting entirely the choices that we've made, ye even the choice we made to follow the Devil down to his kingdom.

Christ and our Father in Heaven love us and want us to be happy forever, and the only thing they ask is that we follow the things that they've told us to do. It's not too hard. Sometimes the adversary makes you think it is, but it really isn't.

I love you all and am so happy to be here on the mission. Please pray for those who have lost sight of the path or are searching for it for the first time. Prayers are answered and throught them miricales come to pass.

- Elder Moore