Monday, January 30, 2012

30 Jan 2012

Hello! Im doing well, i messed up two ligaments in my ankle, but all is well and im just going to keep going to physical therapy for it! 

the work here is...hard. really hard. but i love it! the ward is cool. they just made a ward goal to give us 10 references a week! 40 a month!!! woahhh! that is a ton. i hope they do it!

the accent is the same because we are in the same state, but the food is different, its because people here have money! haha :) 

love you, dont have much time today!

- Elder Moore

Monday, January 23, 2012

23 Jan 2012

A long week. 

This week was way good! But way long. I started my Physical Therapy this past week and that is pretty interesting! I got an MRI type of thing this past Friday and will know this Wednesday if any of the tendons or ligaments or anything are hurt! I sure hope not!

My comps name is Elder Batschi and he is 6´5. A big guy. But he is super funny and I love him. He is from Washington and is about 5 months older than me and has about 3 months more than me on the mission. 

No mom, I didnt get a car! No one has a car but president! But i am riding a lot more busses now that im in the big city! When i say big city, im not kidding. This city is massive and im in the middle of it! My new ward is awesome but they need a little kick in the but to get going! Ive gotten letters this past week! That is something that hasent happened like at all in my mission! My comp is giving his mom your email address so she might right to you! It is just me and my comp in our house, but our house is the -hotel- house of the mission so we ALWAYS have other people staying there. Good thing my comp and i are people....people....people persons? :) OH year, my areas name is Torreão.  My area is RICH RICH RICH. Its pretty different... but i like the lunches here. They. Are. AWESOME. :) 

Well, my week was just filled with finding and teaching and going to physical therapy like it should be! :) Love you all!

Com amor,
Elder Moore

Monday, January 16, 2012

Jan 16th, 2012

So, this week was a little hectic...
It all started Wednesday when my friend Elder Alonso made an appointment for me at the foot doctor without telling me (for my ankle). Its been really swollen for a couple months, but i just never cared about it! So I went there and they took x rays and everything and told me that the bone was fine but that I need an MRI or CAT scan to see if the ligaments and everything are fine...BUUUTTT the great city of Garanhuns doesnt have that machine. I called sister and she said that I might have to be transfered.
Thursday we took Sister and the Doctors advice and i didnt walk...we did pretty much nothing all day...
Friday was good. I walked for a bit and the swelling came right back up! So i called Sister again and told her everything and then she said to stay at home and President would be calling me. President called me and I told the whole story to him about EVERYTHING that happened, then he said I would be transfered soon. That was reallly sad. One of the assistants called about 10 minutes later and said that I would be transfered to an area called Torreão. In Recife. The next morning. So we went home and I packed my bags and we went around saying goodbye to everyone that night. It was just like leaving home again. After more than 5 months I was leaving my ward and my family. Again. I had a goodbye party at my `Aunts´ house and I bought a bunch of fruit and we made a ton of JUICE...because I love juice. It was delicious but sad. We brought Danielle with us too. I see her as another sister now, so mom, you inherited another daughter! Davi was in another city with his family, so I didnt even get to say goodbye to him...
Saturday morning we left and got to the mission office at about 11 oclock. We waited for the elders from the area to get there and we made the change. I left my boy and my home. But now im in downtown Recife and it is SO different. The are great big buildings everywhere and Im always just looking around at everything. I feel like a backwoods boy brought to the city.
Suday... was WAY different. We had a church. A real church. Not a house. And it was SOOOO weird to be in a church for church! We had one guy come to church that has been coming to church for about 6 months and is merried to a member so I dont know his story but ill help him out and show him the importance of baptism! Im really excited to work here. It is going to be great, but hard.
My new comps name is Elder Batschi. He is from Washington and has almost 11 months on the mission. He is 6 foot 5 and is way funny. I like him a lot and his other comp didnt like to work that much so he is excited to have me!
Well, that was my week! Ill start physical therapy here this week and get all the scans and stuff i need and ill have more info next week!
Love you all SOOOO MUCH!!!
Com amor,
Elder Moore

Monday, January 9, 2012


5th Transfer!

Well, today I am starting my fifth transfer! It doesnt seem like that many, but its pretty hard to believe that im about a third of the way done with my transfers...!

So, this week was good. My comp was sick on Tuesday so we had a sick day and that sucked, but Wednesday he was feeling better so we got to work finally! It has been so hard these past couple weeks to mark appointments with people because everyone is traveling or with family that they havent seen in 12039 years or some other excuse! But this week was alright! Its getting back to normal finally! So, I have a story about a new family that we are teaching!

Wednesday we were sitting on a bench waiting to show some friends where the Bishops house is when this old guy was staggering up the road and stopped and looked at me. It was really weird. Creepy even. But then he blurted out, Hey you, white boy, you are an American arent you? It was funny, but he was just an old guy so I decided to be nice and just simply replyed that yes, I am American. He came and sat down next to my comp and I and started to talk to us. He is 85 years old and his name is Alonso! I love him. We had a nice discussion about the world, religion, and how awful things are in the world, but then we had to go because the people we were gonna bring to the Bishops house arrived. We got his house number and told him we would return the next day. We went there the next day after lunch and he answered the door with a big smile on his face. He opened the door and sayed, My American! We went to the front room and sat down and started to talk to this wonderful old man when a lovely old lady entered the room...with desserts... :) she made us Pavê which is like a sweet tort thing but I dont know how to describe it. It is wonderful and most importantly, cold. It was delicious and we were very grateful because its HOT here right now. Well, not so incredibly hot, but the sun is so strong! She sat down afterwards and we talked to her too. I feel bad because we stayed there for about 3 hours talking to them, but its when they needed in there lives so Im just glad that we could help them! We talked all about the church and all of the different functions it has in the world and it was wonderful. I hope that they will go to church and find out for themselves that this is the true church of God!

Friday and Saturday my comp and I went to Arcoverde to help the Elderes there. I love them so much. Elder Ball who will go home in April, and Elder King, who has about 5 months on the mission. They are both filled with the Spirit of Missionary Work and are trying so hard to build up their area. I had the opportunity to help Elder King friday night mark a baptism for the 21st of January so I hope that will go through!

Sunday was a little slow. We went to church and had Danielle and Amanda there. Then we went to lunch, then we went to the Ward Counsel meeting, then we went home to study, then we had a meeting with our Ward Mission Leader, then went home again. It was a productive day, but not for our Investegators!

Well, that was my week! Hope it was an informative letter this week! I should be getting packages and letters at the end of this week so im excited!!! I love you all so much and until next week....

Com amor,
Elder Moore

Saturday, January 7, 2012


So, its a new year...awesome! This past week was good, but very difficult because it seems like NO ONE is at home! We worked a bunch this week, but it was just a hard week. Everyone travels or is with family and doesnt want to talk to us! But i guess its a good thing that they are with their families!

Nothing big happened this week! It is 2012 now so thats cool. Time to make goals for the year! I think this year my goals will be a little different then the years in the past. I love you all so much and wish everyone the best of thing for 2012!

Its cool that you guys are feeling more comfortable in the Batch now! I miss it there... a lot. Tell David that he needs to send me pictures of his new toys! Yay for christopher and his fence building skills! We needed one.. so do you guys think that I´ll come home to Houston or Salt Lake? Or the Batch? or any other place? :P

Who was the Elder that you got a letter from? I didnt know anyone was writing to you...? It is Elder who? I thought of more things that you can send me in packages! You know how dad always gets test pens from companies? You can send me some of those because they are always WONDERFUL pens. And missionaries. need. pens. I thought of some other things but I forgot now... dangit..

I added some pictures from New Years. I hope that you like them! Yup, Im still the same Peter :)

Love you all so much! Hope you all have a great wonderful spectacular week until I can read and write to you again!

Com amor,
Elder Moore


Hello family! We talked yesterday so I dont really know what to say other than have a great week! It was so wonderful to talk to all of you yesterday and I will keep that memory of my first christmas away from home with me for the rest of my life! Now Im ready for another week of work and only this week and next week left in the transfer! Woah! Almost my 5th transfer already!

Also, Ive been thinking about something that I forgot to talk to you guys about yesterday. I know that I´ll be coming home on May 13th 2013, but Ive been thinking about my future. I know that the Spring semester at BYU-I will start in the middle of the end of April, just a few short weeks before I will return home. Ive been thinking about talking to my president about coming home a few weeks earlier (in the middle of the transfer) so that I can catch the Spring semester and get more schooling in rather than lose out on a whole semester, what do you guys think?

Also, I found a sunscreen that I want you to get me! Its a sunscreen of SPF 4 with a bronzer thing. :) it will help me get black faster so that I can stop using sunscreen! So if you could get me that one that would be cool :) Pretty much any of the suncreens out there that are SPF 4 will have the bronzer thing so just look for it at walmart or something! :)

Did I really have an accent yesterday or were you guys just messing with me?? Here are two pics. The second is how im staying fit here! :) My bar (thanks Elders of Garanhuns) and my push up bars (thanks Daddy! :) )

So, I love you all! Thanks for everything and until next week...

Com amor,
Elder Moore