Monday, May 23, 2011

Some Unexpected Changes

Well, seeing as how I already set up this blog thingy, I might as well update something about my mission!

Yesterday (Sunday May 22nd) I found out that my visa is still way backed up and it wont be here in time for me to go straight to the Brazil MTC, so I'll enter the Provo MTC on June 1st and stay there until it comes! I do not have a mailing address for the Provo MTC yet, but I will send it in my first email home from the MTC. I will be in the Provo MTC for however long it takes until I get my visa, so possibly the whole 9 weeks. Best case scenario I hear is 3-4 weeks. Worst case scenario is 5-6 months. Lets pray for the best, shall we? :)

- Almost Elder Moore

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