Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day!

Valentines Day!

So, here was my week!

Tuesday and Wednesday was work as usual and we didnt have any cool experiences that i want to share... :) 

Thursday - ZONE CONFERENCE! Woo hhoo! It was awesome. I LOVE getting to go to zone conferences. We had presidente and sister there and we had the famous... Doctor Call! He is the guy that stays in São Paulo and we talk to him if we are sick. So ive talked to him a couple times on the phone during my mission, but ive never seen his face! Everyone just look at him and said... He is real!!!! It was pretty cool. So he gave a big presentation about health and Presidente talked to us about spiritual health and how we need to be better missionaries and all that good stuff. It was so wonderful! But every zone conference we have something that makes me feel the spirit really strong, we have the testimonys of the missionaries who arent gonna be there the next zone conference... it is always so strong to hear their testimonys and to hear their experiences. Its weird to think that that is gonna be me one day... 

Friday and Saturday were like tuesday and wednesday :) 

Sunday - Sunday was kind of a bummer day. Weve been teaching this guy named Robson a lot and he is really interested in the Gospel and is just such a wonderful kid! But, his mom doesnt let him come to church... So we went throughout our day and got.... wait for it.... NINE REFERENCES OF PEOPLE!!!!! Wooahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now this week im SO excited to go contact these people that are waiting for us!!! This week is gonna be pretty cool, but carnival is starting up...dangit.. that means that everyone drinks more than usual and they do terable things on the streets... its pretty bad and kind of a dangerous time of year for missionaries. 

Well, that was my week! 

I found something pretty cool when i was studying the scriptures this week! Well, not really cool, but it really makes you think! At the end of 2nd Néfi when he is saying his goodbyes he is saying goodbye to all of his friends and loved ones, then he says the FINAL goodbye to all of the wicked people because he wont reunite with them again in the Celestial Kingdom...really makes you think and want to be a better person so that you never have final goodbyes with anyone! At least it does for me. Also, that is another thought that i had is that when we as missionários teach people about the gospel and they understand it, they are then responsable for the things that they do! That means that we as missionairies have to teach them exactly right..or else its OUR fault at the last day! What a calling huh? I think it goes a looottt deeper than some young men realize. We are representatives of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Think about those words... 

Well, i love you all! Thanks for everything! Oh yeah, i prolly ride 3 or 4 busses a day and its cool, but usually really crowded. 

Com amor,
Elder Moore

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