Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feb 19th, 2012


So, just for the record, carnival in Brazil is kind of ridiculous. It is pretty much the best holiday ever! If you are not a member of the church that is.... but its all good! We have some rules that we have to be in our houses at 5:30 during this holiday and that kind of cuts back on the work.. also, we have to stay out of some areas of our area. Its all good though! 

So, not too much to report this week, it has been really hard because of carnival. everyone leaves the bad places except for the people who want to be bad, and the people who are bad dont usually want to hear about Jesus... so this is kind of a hard time for us missionaries! Especially since Recife has the 2nd biggest carnival... IN THE WORLD. Its cool though. 

How is everyone? I miss you guys! It was HILARIOUS to hear that you guys got pooped on. That really brightened my day! :) Hope i get my camel pack soon! Its not so much for the water part of it as it is for the backpack. It is the PERFECT size for a missionary! Little and compact so that you can fit your scriptures and pamphlets and a book of mormon in, but then it still has the wide backpack straps! Perfect! 

Transfers were today and Elder Batschi and I stayed together! Im starting my 6th transfer and next week ill make 9 months on the mission... WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?! This is absolutely crazy. 
Well, that is about it for today. We are gonna go try to find an open store so that we can buy some food and water for our house, but everything seems like its  closed so that kind of sucks. Oh well!
Love you all so much!

Com amor,
Elder Moore

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