Thursday, July 26, 2012

I bought oranges the other day...they were not good. It's funny, the best fruit I've eaten here has either been when i buy it off the street, or pick it off the tree, the supermarkets never really have that great of fruit! Much the opposite of the US..

We've baptized for 3 weeks in row now! I think the roll might be halted a little bit though because we switched areas.. we got to mark 2 or 3 more baptisms for our other area right before we left, but now it is just the assistants area...and they don't work all that much in the area, so i'm scared for my people! I hope they continue on and get baptized like they know they should! It would have been cool to stay there and baptize 5 or 6 weeks in a row, but I guess there are people in the Recife ward that need our help now! As a matter of fact I know there are because we baptized a girl this past saturday in the Recife ward. She is awesome. Here is an easy name for y'all.. Rebecca! haha she is a great girl (23 years old) and came to live with her aunt a little while ago (her aunt is a member). She had some great experiences and received a power answer to her question about the church and baptism!

It's cool to be in the Brazil Recife the Recife the Recife ward... :) not many people get to do that! The ward is great and is a very "old" ward. Meaning that the members have been members for a long time and are very solid and faithful in the faith. It also means that we are gonna have to work extra hard to gain their trust.. but that's okay. I'm giving a talk next week on the Book of Mormon! :)

That is about it!

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