Monday, July 23, 2012

Life is pretty dang great! Just a little hot.. :)

English class is going...normal haha. It's usually just youth but sometimes we have some adults show up out of the blue. We have 3 baptisms marked for this week and next, and should mark another man for baptism for in a few weeks. This weekend we are going to have the baptism of a mom and her son (the rest of the family are members...we just had to wait for her "husband" to either make it legal or leave...he left...he is a drunk). And next week we will have the baptism of a man who is very very special, but rather quirky :) I like him a lot.

The work is going well, but I'm still just waiting till I can do it all day every day. The location of the office is going to move here in a couple weeks I think. With that, I've proposed to the President that the Secretaries (My comp and I) should switch areas in order to be within 5 minutes (walking) of the new office and it would be much for effective. He loved the idea and said that we will do it. So I will be moving to a different area (President is also going to call a new Secretary in place of my comp at the transfer in a couple of weeks too) with a new comp! Woo hoo! I like changes. I've been in this Stake before, too. So I'll get to see some of the people from one of my old areas (TorreĆ£o) again! I've missed them alot, but this ward (Pina) has become like a home to me.

I don't know if I've told you much about the happenings of the mission here (and for that I am sorry) but a few weeks ago Presidente sat the 2 secretaries and 2 assistants down in his office and we had a little council. He said that he wanted to call 2 more assistants to help out give trainings, so we helped him choose the two missionaries for their new duties. So now we have 4 assistants. We all know that the mission need to baptize waaayyy more than we are now, so hopefully with these 2 new assistants, we can give out more trainings faster to help motivate and excite the Elders. That is the purpose anyway!

Did I ever write to y'all about the mission tour with Elder Godoy? It must have been about 3 weeks ago.. I'm not sure if I said anything, so just let me know if I didn't and I will give you a full account on that! It was very very good, and as a result of some things that he said, the mission has been changing a lot of things...for the better :)

The secretaries of the mission (My comp and I) make a little newspaper like thing on Powerpoint every week to send out to all the missionaries so that they can see what's going on the mission and it has how many baptisms we had that week and fun little things like that. It also has a spot in there for whatever I need to say about money and what Sister and President have to say.

Sorry I've been awful at writing this past.....what... 4 months or so? haha but I'll repent and improve :) I like the new assistant that lives with us a lot (Matthews...the one that replaced Hocker) and hope to keep in contact with him after the mission. He is an extremely great guy and everyone just loves him to death! Maybe y'all will get to meet him one day.

Well, ask me more questions! I hope this made you happy though! I think it's been a while since y'all have gotten a big email from me :)

I love this work so much and it's scary to think i've been out for a year and a month now... time is going by incredibly quick and it makes me appreciate all the time that I have. Remember that we don't have much time on the earth after all. So always tell your loved ones how much you love and care for them. Never let anything go unspoken! - No Regrets -

Love y'all!
- Elder Moore

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