Monday, September 19, 2011


!!!! My trip was good, and really bad. It was really long and we left about mid day last pday so we didn´t get pday! It takes more or less 5 hours to get to Recife and it´s a long journey but it´s fun with 10 missionaries!!! We didn´t have a meeting, but we did have interviews....One interview with President and then an interview by someone a little higher up. Elder Cláudio R. M. Costa!!!!! He is such an amazing man! I love him. He has such a powerful spirit and I´m so lucky to have met him! Woohoo! The bad part was the mosquitos. They are different here in Brasil and they do not like me. Not even a little bit.  

Unfortunately, if we are blessed with a lot of new investigators one week, we don´t get to focus on them and not look as much the next week. We have a goal for the mission of 10 new investagators a week. This week we only got 6, so we gotta work extra hard this next week to get 14 so we can keep up with the goal.

I do want to write to you today about missionary work. It is not just missionaries who need to do missionary work! We are all blessed with this gospel and we all need to bless the lives of others with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It really hit me hard while ive been on my mission that this church is the same exact church that Crist organized when he lived on this earth. WOAH! The same church? Yep. The one and same. We don´t do anything in this church that Crist didn´t do when he was here.

Food storage is not a big thing here. Not many people have gardens per se, but everyone has fruit growing somewhere close to their house.  We don´t meet in a chapel, it´s just a house, but Next time I go to Recife I´ll take a picture of the Chapel all the missionaries meet in for transfers. It´s incredible. Almost temple size. Bigger than some temples i assume. Yes. I do have trouble speaking English. All the time. I only speak português unless it´s a Brazillian who wants to practice English, and when I speak english it´s not real english. It´s half portuguese and half english. I always mix up words and I feel like and Idiot when i speak english so I´ve pretty much just switched over to portuguese full time. Most american missionaries don´t do this because they want to speak english, but it´s actually harder for me to speak english full time now, so i speak in portuguese with the americans and they almost always just talk in english. But that´s fine.

We will get to watch general conference! I´m so excited for it!!!!


Have a wonderful week family!!!

- Elder Moore

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