Monday, September 5, 2011

Sept. 4th, 2011

This week....this week was way too fast. This past tuesday we had zone conference in caruaru so we were gone the whole day because we are so far away from everything. We took the six o clock bus to there and were gone the whole day. It was sooo good though. The next day my comp and I went to arcoverde. this is the farthest out area in our zone and we went on divisions with them because my comp is DL. They needed some help because they are opening that area and not getting much done. But good news. EVERYONE IN OUR ZONE HAD PEOPLE AT CHURCH! Woo! We had 5, so that was better than our 0 last week. To answer your question about pesquisadores, we get more and more every day. this week we got 7 so that is a decent amount. A cool story about my português this week.

I was on divisions in an area way far away (arcoverde) and we were at our lunch appointment and the guy was talking to us and asking us how we liked our missions. then he was talking about how 2 years is such a short time really. i asked him to say how much time he thought everyone had and he was right for everyone except me! he said he thought i had about a year and a half in the mission :) that made me pretty happy. 

Every other day was the same old same old, bringing salvation to souls. :) It goes by soooo incredibly fast. 3 months already! Woo hoo!

Yes, everyone in my apt gets along sooo well. We are all best friends and im so lucky to have these people as my first companions!

Thanks for all the prayers and everthing!!!

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