Monday, September 26, 2011

26 Sept. 2011

Another week gone? Whhhatttt?

This week was waayyyy fast.

Nothing very interesting this week, but my comp and i have been sick all week, so thats not too fun. especially because we both didnt want to stay home and we just worked verry slow all week. We got 7 new investegatores this week and a couple of them are sooo amazing, but it is the biggest challenge here to get people to church. everyone here travels on the weekends. or works. or sleeps. or just doesnt want to go to church! thats prettty frustrating. We have 5 people at church this week, but one thing that i was most happy about was that 2 whole families of less active members were there. that is our job as missionaries too is to help reactivate the less active people! TWO WHOLE FAMILIES :). That was pretty exciting.

Other than that? Not much happened this week honestly! We will work hard again this week to get people to GC because I know that it will be incredibly powerful! Im very excited for General Conference!!! Also, Im so excited for David!!!

Well, thats it for this week.. sorry for the short email but there isnt anything to say other than i love and miss you all so much!

- Elder Moore

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