Monday, November 7, 2011

Another Week In Brazil.

Woah. This week was so fast and we actually got a good amount of things done, but with not that many results. We taught a bunch and got 12 new investegators, but only had one show up to church! He is the father of one of the recent convernts in our ward and he is just such a wonderful man! Yesterday...was rainy. It POURED rain and now a lot of my stuff is soaking wet because we had to walk to an appointment! We couldnt stop just because of some rain! But now i have a semi dry day to try and dry out all of my things! That kind of sticks but i better get used to it because it is a lot worse in Recife! 

I get P-Day today :) we arent going to Áugas Belas because we have to save our money this week for ZONE CONFERENCE!!! Woo hoo! I love zone conference. It will be this friday, so we will lose a day of work, but we will get some much needed council from our beloved Presidente Lanius. Im so excited! Also this week we made some packets that we are giving to members for our messages after lunches. The packets about Member missionary work and how we really need our ward to start helping us if they want to grow. Some other GREAT news that i think i forgot to tell you.. WE GOT LAND!!!! WOOO HOOOO! Representatives from the church came to our area and surveyed where they can build a chapel because we have the numbers for a chapel now! IM SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT TOO!!!! We should have a chapel built and completed before I have to go home. Im so excited for the members of the ward and they are all so excited too! Its a big deal to have a 3rd chapel here because when we have this chapel we will be able to see the other 2 because they are all going to be on their respective hills (but the hills are more like mountains...) 

Also this week, i got 6 letters... and a package! Woo hoo! The post office isnt on stike anymore so im getting everything in abundance. I think that i will get the other package you guys sent at zone conference, but i dont know for sure. I got a bunch of missionties though! It was great to read. 

My American still hasnt prayed yet, but he is reading the Book of Mormon in English now beacuse we found one in the house and he wasnt understanding the one in Português that well. He  has so many questions and is so excited about it! Im excited for him and it gives me a chance to practice my english. Yup. Thats right. Practice my english. Its acually really horribel now and I have trouble talking to people in english for a long amount of time. Its really frustrating because i always think of the words in português before i think of them in english. Also, we cant spend the night in Áugas Belas, but its only like an hour or hour and a half away so we can go spend the day there and return at night no problem. 

I dont need toothpaste or anything, and i actually dont use my sunscreen... :) im getting pretty dark and one of the members said that I am going to be black when i get home and my famile isnt going to recognize me cause ill be black and skinny. Thats another thing. Ive lost about 20 pounds since leaving home now! But im healthy still so its all good! 

Love you all so much and I cant wait to wright about the experences to you next week!

Com amor,
Elder Moore

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