Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This is Elder Moore reporting from Pernambuco Brasil from the city of Garanhuns! This week was a long one and very productive. Lets start with last P-Day.

Last P-Day we went to Augas Belas. We arrived at about 3:15 to find out that the last car back to Garanhuns left at 3 o clock :) So...we were stranded. With nothing. In a city that doesnt have members or a church. WOO HOOOOOO! It was pretty awesome. Augas Belas has a reservations for the Indians there and we taught some indians. You know what you call indians in Brasil? Lamanites.... yup. We taught the Lamanites. We will be going back there next P-Day because soooo many people are interested and have never heard the Gospel before. We found a ton of people there and we are excited for this new town about an hour and a half away. But that night we slept (not really) in the street and waiting for the first car back to Garanhuns which left at 4:20 am. :) It was definitly an experence and a wonderful experence at that!

The rest of the week we were pretty tired, but we managed to find 17 new investegators this week so that was good.

Also, we had a milagre! The area of the LZs had a baptism this past Saturday and one of the people who attended was a girl who had been investegating the church for 5 years. She has been taught by countless missionaries and has been invited to be baptised who knows how many times, but she told the missionaries after the baptism of this man that she wanted to be baptised, so what did we do? We got that girl an interview and then lead her to the water! She was baptised that same night and then confirmed in our ward yesterday. She is truley one of the elect people of God. 

I am still living my story of The Best Two Years and teaching the American. He is reading the Book of Mormon and enjoying it a ton, but he has never prayed before in his life and he is scared to. That is going to be one heck of a day when he decides to pray! I know that he will find out very quickly what he has been missing out on with prayer. 

I love you all and hope you are all doing well! I love and miss you and Happy Halloween!

- Elder Moore

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