Monday, January 23, 2012

23 Jan 2012

A long week. 

This week was way good! But way long. I started my Physical Therapy this past week and that is pretty interesting! I got an MRI type of thing this past Friday and will know this Wednesday if any of the tendons or ligaments or anything are hurt! I sure hope not!

My comps name is Elder Batschi and he is 6´5. A big guy. But he is super funny and I love him. He is from Washington and is about 5 months older than me and has about 3 months more than me on the mission. 

No mom, I didnt get a car! No one has a car but president! But i am riding a lot more busses now that im in the big city! When i say big city, im not kidding. This city is massive and im in the middle of it! My new ward is awesome but they need a little kick in the but to get going! Ive gotten letters this past week! That is something that hasent happened like at all in my mission! My comp is giving his mom your email address so she might right to you! It is just me and my comp in our house, but our house is the -hotel- house of the mission so we ALWAYS have other people staying there. Good thing my comp and i are people....people....people persons? :) OH year, my areas name is Torreão.  My area is RICH RICH RICH. Its pretty different... but i like the lunches here. They. Are. AWESOME. :) 

Well, my week was just filled with finding and teaching and going to physical therapy like it should be! :) Love you all!

Com amor,
Elder Moore

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