Monday, January 16, 2012

Jan 16th, 2012

So, this week was a little hectic...
It all started Wednesday when my friend Elder Alonso made an appointment for me at the foot doctor without telling me (for my ankle). Its been really swollen for a couple months, but i just never cared about it! So I went there and they took x rays and everything and told me that the bone was fine but that I need an MRI or CAT scan to see if the ligaments and everything are fine...BUUUTTT the great city of Garanhuns doesnt have that machine. I called sister and she said that I might have to be transfered.
Thursday we took Sister and the Doctors advice and i didnt walk...we did pretty much nothing all day...
Friday was good. I walked for a bit and the swelling came right back up! So i called Sister again and told her everything and then she said to stay at home and President would be calling me. President called me and I told the whole story to him about EVERYTHING that happened, then he said I would be transfered soon. That was reallly sad. One of the assistants called about 10 minutes later and said that I would be transfered to an area called Torreão. In Recife. The next morning. So we went home and I packed my bags and we went around saying goodbye to everyone that night. It was just like leaving home again. After more than 5 months I was leaving my ward and my family. Again. I had a goodbye party at my `Aunts´ house and I bought a bunch of fruit and we made a ton of JUICE...because I love juice. It was delicious but sad. We brought Danielle with us too. I see her as another sister now, so mom, you inherited another daughter! Davi was in another city with his family, so I didnt even get to say goodbye to him...
Saturday morning we left and got to the mission office at about 11 oclock. We waited for the elders from the area to get there and we made the change. I left my boy and my home. But now im in downtown Recife and it is SO different. The are great big buildings everywhere and Im always just looking around at everything. I feel like a backwoods boy brought to the city.
Suday... was WAY different. We had a church. A real church. Not a house. And it was SOOOO weird to be in a church for church! We had one guy come to church that has been coming to church for about 6 months and is merried to a member so I dont know his story but ill help him out and show him the importance of baptism! Im really excited to work here. It is going to be great, but hard.
My new comps name is Elder Batschi. He is from Washington and has almost 11 months on the mission. He is 6 foot 5 and is way funny. I like him a lot and his other comp didnt like to work that much so he is excited to have me!
Well, that was my week! Ill start physical therapy here this week and get all the scans and stuff i need and ill have more info next week!
Love you all SOOOO MUCH!!!
Com amor,
Elder Moore

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