Saturday, January 7, 2012


Hello family! We talked yesterday so I dont really know what to say other than have a great week! It was so wonderful to talk to all of you yesterday and I will keep that memory of my first christmas away from home with me for the rest of my life! Now Im ready for another week of work and only this week and next week left in the transfer! Woah! Almost my 5th transfer already!

Also, Ive been thinking about something that I forgot to talk to you guys about yesterday. I know that I´ll be coming home on May 13th 2013, but Ive been thinking about my future. I know that the Spring semester at BYU-I will start in the middle of the end of April, just a few short weeks before I will return home. Ive been thinking about talking to my president about coming home a few weeks earlier (in the middle of the transfer) so that I can catch the Spring semester and get more schooling in rather than lose out on a whole semester, what do you guys think?

Also, I found a sunscreen that I want you to get me! Its a sunscreen of SPF 4 with a bronzer thing. :) it will help me get black faster so that I can stop using sunscreen! So if you could get me that one that would be cool :) Pretty much any of the suncreens out there that are SPF 4 will have the bronzer thing so just look for it at walmart or something! :)

Did I really have an accent yesterday or were you guys just messing with me?? Here are two pics. The second is how im staying fit here! :) My bar (thanks Elders of Garanhuns) and my push up bars (thanks Daddy! :) )

So, I love you all! Thanks for everything and until next week...

Com amor,
Elder Moore

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