Thursday, March 1, 2012

29 Feb, 2012

So, this week was pretty good!
Sorry im wrighting so late! Our pday got switched to wednesday this week cause we went to the TEMPLE! It was so great and something ive really been needing. So im wrighting today because we didnt have time yesterday, so this will be pretty fast!
Good things that happened this past week...and a half... OH! For this week we made a competition in our District because we are all really good friends! We are having a contact making competition! None of our areas really have a bunch of investigators so we are doing as many contacts this week to try and get more! The two losers will bring cake and or juice to district meeting next week so everyone can have a fun party! Pretty sure we are gonna win though...  :D
This week was just good! We had the baptism of Robson this past sunday and he chose me to baptize him so i was defintily happy about that. We are also gettting really close with his mom and dad and 3 younger siblings and I know that they will take the step and follow our Savior and Master and be baptized too! Love that family!
Well, sorrry this is so short this week, but I love you all and will wright again on Monday! Until then,
Com amor,
Elder Moore

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