Monday, April 23, 2012

I will NOT be 20 tomorrow. I refuse to give up being a teenager.

We dont get that much tyme to teach because we are in the office a ton. Things are pretty busy and Im having to deal with a bunch of junk right now. Another Elder whent home yesterday. He only had 3 more months to go on the mission and his daddy got really sick so he had to go home early.

The assistants baptized this past saturday. **Side Note** the assistants and the secretarys have the SAME area. Its not split, so we kind of all teach everyone. So when i say the assistants had a baptism, I got to take part (even though it was just a little part) in teaching and helping the young lady progress. She is 24 and her name is Carmilita :). I like her! And she has two brothers that we will continue to help and teach!

Did you know that we teach an english class every friday night? It is pretty cool.

- Elder Moore


  1. Hey Elder Moore, can you post some pictures of my country for me to see and be jealous about please? Thank you!

  2. You are now perfect! Not a child, or a teenager, and not an adult (21). We all know that nothing is perfect, and right now nothing fits. So you're perfect! Enjoy being 20! Happy Birthday!
    ~From your cousin Kimberley