Monday, April 30, 2012

I got a picture from dad about jared 5th birthday party! How cool. It is weird to have conversations and stuff with him? I will always think about him as a little  kid. Looks like he is definitely a barker and michael is definitely a moore. That is cool though. It will be fun to watch them grow up. 

Well, it isnt really restaurants every day like you are thinking of that we eat at. It is more of like a little diner or something that they have in the states. It isnt really good food at all, and it is about 10 reais. BUT. We found this all you can eat place that is a little further and a LOT more money (after a drink it is about 30 reais) so we went there a couple times and it is delicious! They have a ton of sushi and then all the traditional Brazilian food. it is so good though! we just cant go very often because it is so expensive! 

Yay shoes! I am so happy that i am getting those (You will see why in about 2 weeks)

We have zone conferences every other transfer so about once every 3 months. We actually have the zone conferences this week! But we split it up into two days and there are half of the zones in one and the other the other day! 


Well, that is about it for now. Talk to you next week (then in person in 2 weeks)

- Elder Moore

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