Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Little Closer To Home!

Well, I´m finally here! We left Tuesday morning at 6:30 and got here about 1:15 pm yesterday. It is gorgeous here and I love it so much! I am in the farthest area in the mission so we slept at the Temple last night because it was going to take so long to get here. So yesterday (Tuesday August 2nd) we got here, had lunch at the presidents house, then went to the mission office to meet our companions and to get informed on all of the rules and whatnot. Then, like I said, my companion Elder Pires and I slept at the Temple. Elder Pires is from Rio Grande do Sol and is way cool. He says that I have good Portuguese and that he was worried that I wouldn´t! Ha. He is a great guy and I know that we will be great friends! Our house is...interesting. We live with the ZL´s, but we havent met them yet. Our P-Day is Monday, but I get to write to you guys today so that´s pretty cool. We did a session this morning in the Recife Temple and It was so good! I did the whole thing in Portuguese and that was definitely a different experience! Then we got on a bus (keep in mind that I still had all of my luggage) at about 10. Changed to the Metro at around 11 then got to where our last bus was going to take us at about 11:30. Our bus didn´t leave until 12:30, so we sat down and talked some more. Then our bus left at 12:30 and we had about a 3 hour bus ride to here. Then we got to walk for maybe a little over a mile until we got to our house. Our house is suuuupper old, doesn´t have lights and is pretty ghetto. I love it. :). It smells really bad and President is making us switch houses because ours is so bad! I´ve only been in my area for about 2 hours, but I love it so much already! We have a ward, but no chapel to meet in so we just meet in someones house. I have my first sunday this Sunday and it´ll be fast Sunday so I´m very excited! I think I answered all of your questions, but this e-mail is really just to let you know that I´m alive and doing well. I love you all and would love some mail! :)

- Elder Moore

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