Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Recife Bound!!!

  It´s finally here! The last P-Day in the CTM. Fun story for today. We went to a REAL  Brazillian Steakhouse today! About an hour ago actually! It was just like Rodizios, but I only payed 23 Reis. Pretty sweet I know. :) So, we went out and placed more copies of The Book of Mormon this past Friday! Except this time we wen´t downtown...waaayyyy more scary. We had the same amount of time, but we had 6 copies instead of 4 this time. Let me describe downtown São Paulo. Wall Street. We went to the Wall Street of São Paulo except bigger. With more people. Who were just as busy. It was so much fun!!! :) I loved it. Except I made a big mistake...in order to try and help Elder Bowden get over his fear of talking to people, I told him he was going to give out the 1st copy. He didn´t talk to ANYONE for an hour straight, so I started. I gave away my three in about 20 or 30 minutes, and then it was his turn again. He gave out 1...I was kind of really disappointed that we had to return with 2 copies. That means that 2 people didn´t get the chance that day to learn about Jesus Christ´s Church!!! I was upset, but now I´m over it! This time next week I´ll be in Recife and be a real missionary. I´m so excited for that. Well, not much new here. Just finishing up my time in the CTM! I love my District and will send a picture to you sometime :). Portuguese is still coming like always. I think I get a little better every day. I´m glad missionties is working now! How long did it take to get the letter I sent you? I´ll send another one today because I have all the time I want to write, but not to email...so this is the end of my email! Sorry it´s so short, but I´m not even really leaving anything out! We do the same thing day after day here in the CTM! Thanks for everything you all do! Love you all so much! - Elder Moore

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