Thursday, August 18, 2011

Very fast week.

  Well, this week flew by and we didn´t get as much accomplished as I would have liked! But I do have 2 funny stories for you that I´ll write at the end of this email. First of all, we only had 2 people at church this Sunday. That sucked. It was fathers day here in Brasil for this past Sunday, so we are just hoping that a lot of people went out of town or were doing family things! We worked alot this week, but Soares (the man with the baptismal date) wanted more time and his baptism is rescheduled for this coming Saturday! He thinks that he isn´t ready, but he really is. Here are the funny stories from this week!

First of all, this past tuesday I had my first bad food experience. We went to this old couples house for lunch on the way over Elder Pires and I were talking and decided we both werent really hungry at all. Then we got to their house and they were eating what I can best decribe as ´fish goop´ it was very interesting, but I managed not to throw up. We both didn´t take a lot and that is a sign to members that we are nice missionaries and we don´t want to be rude and take a lot. They use this as a reason to ´plop´ more food onto our plates and say EAT MORE! It was pretty disgusting, and the man just kept plopping it on to our plates. We finished the whole pot that they had made and had a good laugh about it the rest of the day.

Second story. We are teaching this lady named Roseanglea and she is wonderful. She doesn´t have very good eye-sight so she can´t see to read the Book of Mormon, but she has her sister read it to her! This story isn´t very long, but it packs a punch I promise. When we were teaching her Wednesday night, it was going great and everything was SO good, so I decided to invite her to be baptised. I just opened my mouth to invite her when her little girl that she was holding pulled up her shirt and started brestfeeding. Yup. That just happened. I felt super awkward but apparently that´s not too weird for Brasil. I stumbled my way through the words while looking slightly at the ceiling. It was great.

Well, that´s a little bit of how my week went! Hope everything is going wonderfully at home! I love and miss everyone sooo much!

Com amor, Elder Moore

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