Monday, October 3, 2011

4 Months!!

Woo hoo! This past Saturday was my 4 month mark. I know its not a lot, but i cant believe that it has already been 4 months!!! Where did the time go!? Well, this week wasnt very preductive for my area at all! I only worked in my area for 2 days this past week!!! Tuesday i was in Boa Vista with one of my ZLs and then Wednesday we worked in our area (Barão de Nazaré) then Thursday was in Arcoverde. Then Friday again was my area. Then Saturday and Sunday were conference! Woo hoo! I love General Conference soo much! But, i would like to listen in English so that i can hear the voices of the prophet and apostolos. That is one thing that i missed about conference. But other than that Conference was amazing as usual.

This week we were blessed with marking baptisms for 2 very special people. Eva and Camila.

First the story of Camila. - She came to church last sunday and we talked to her and marked a day to go visit her. When we got to her house we already knew what the outcome would be. This girl is sooo great! She has 11 years and is so smart! Her Book of Mormon is marked up and every time we read a scripture with her she gets sooo happy and runs to go get her red pencil. She truely was prepared for this Gospel and will be baptised (hopefully with her mom) this Saturday. Her mom knows that this Gospel is true and is a very special women too, but is having problems with stopping smoking. She has smoked all her life, but she has cut down drasticly this past week. Im so proud of her!

Now for the story of Eva. Eva is a verrrryyyy special woman who missionaries have been teaching for a while! We marked her baptism about a month ago, but she said she needed more time to prepare and pray about it. That is such a wonderful answer. That means that your investegator knows and recognizes the importance of baptism and knows how big of a step it is!!! Anyway, we talked to her about a week ago and she said she would be baptised when she finished reading the Book of Mormon....yup. We thought for sure that it was gonna be forever until she would be baptised. BUT this past Wednesday we stopped by her house and taught her. It was a simple lesson because we stopped there randomly, and it dont even remember what it was about honestly. Just a random scripture that Elder Pires picked because it was his turn! So he read the Scripture and talked a little about it and then it was my turn to talk. (When we she told us the couple weeks before that she wouldnt be baptised I was really sad and she could tell that I was sad and we talked about it.) Right when i was about to open my mouth she said... `WAIT.. i have some news for YOU. (Pointing at me)... I am going to be baptised not this saturday, but the saturday after that. Okay?` I was shocked. Compeletely and utterly shocked. I feel bad now, but all I said was, ´Are you serious?´ Hahaha. She talked to us about it and said she had recieved revelation for her that morning at about 4 oclock in the morning. She said is was a very personal experience and she didnt want to share it, but she knew that she needed to be baptised. The funny thing? She is on Chapter 10 of the Book or Mormon. She said she wanted to read the whole thing before being baptised and then changed her mind on chapter 10. How great of a blessing is that?! She has such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon now and she said she cant believe that anyone would ever say that this Book is not true.

Well, those are some stories about my week! I love you all so much and I know the Lord loves us all so much too because we all have SO MANY BLESSINGS IN THIS LIFE!!!

Have a great week everyone. Remember to thank our Heavenly Faher for all that you have because everything you have came from Him.

- Elder Moore

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