Monday, March 19, 2012

19 March 12

Hello! Another week in the office!

So, this past week I feel like Ive learned a TON and the information keeps washing over me like the big waves im close to now! The office is a blast and it is really a great experience to be so close to President all the time! He is a great guy. And a pretty big guy! I will have to send yall a picture one day. He is from Curitiba, Brasil and was a sealer in the temple and part of the Curitiba Temple Presidency before his call as Mission President of the Brasil Recife mission! I dont know what else you want to know about him!

Yes, we have air conditioning in the office! It is really weird to not sweat all day, but one thing office members tend to get fat! That will NOT happen to me! I refuse! 

Awesome that you guys got to meet with Elder Anderson! I still havent seen an apostle in my life, but we will all get the chance in a couple weeks to hear all of them :D im so excited for that!

We DO have some good investigators! And our area is awesome!!! It is RIGHT on the beach so I get to see the ocean almost every day... that may or may not be a good thing. I miss it! Haha :)
It is really weird, because we leave the office at about 6:30 and get home (in our area) about 6:45, and it is already really dark, so we only get to work for a couple hours each day before we go home! As you can imagine, it is a little dificult to mark meetings with our investigators, but the Lord blesses us for our dutys and somehow it still works out! A couple weeks ago a girl named Stella got baptised and she is so cool! She is 15 and a little fireball! Always has something to say and usually it is something good :). We are working a lot with her family and her sister who is 17 wants to get baptized, and we are working on her mom and dads legal mariage (that is a huge thing in Brasil).

Speaking of marriage... THE TAYLORS ARE GETTING MARRIED?! Woah! Didnt see that one coming, but that is cool! Tell them i wish them both the best and that i miss both of them! It is so weird! 
And yeah Derek will be home in a couple weeks too! Then James. Then all the boys from my class, then me! But that is so far away! And i dont really like how fast the time is going... If i come home a transfer early, Ill be coming home in a year a couple weeks... i dont like that... I need more time here! The more time I have on the mission, the more i realize how tiny 2 years really is.. it is ridiculous how fast time flys and how happy you become the more time you spend in the service (right now a little bit of a different service) of your fellow missionaries and all the people around you! It is also really strange that every time you leave an area, it seems like you are leaving home all over again. At first, it was my home in Garanhuns. I loved it there. I changed so much in the time i was there and made a lot of great friends that i hope i will keep in contact with forever! Then it was TorreĆ£o, the unlikely home... because when i got there the ward was a mess and it didnt seem like we would have success at all, but with an amazing companion, we got the job done and i felt like i left a bit pre-matuely there (im really sorry for the spelling). We were teaching a WONDERFUL family of about 12 and i only had the opportunity to baptize one amazing young man. I hope and pray every day that that incredible family will come to an understanding of the things that I know to be true and be baptized and take that step in becoming an eternal family! 

Now, I am here. In the ala pina. The ward is great and I had the opportunity to give a talk yesterday! I think that i have become a lot more comfortable with speaking in public since ive been here! I never thought that i would do this, but i forgot to look at the clock during my talk and finally got a card slipped onto the podium that said "seu tempo acabou, muito obrigado!" It also had a little smiley face on it. In translation, "Your time finished, thanks!" I looked at the clock and had been talking for about 15 minutes (seemed like 15 seconds) when i was asked to give a short 5 minute talk. It was kind of funny, but i wasnt done talking! :) A little more about my area right now ----- it is right on the beach and it is wonderful to be here, but it is so HOT. The sun just roasts you, but now im inside more than outside i think because of the office! We share the area with the Assistants and we live with them too. Being in the office, I know EVERYTHING about the mission now. Sometimes, it is awesome. Other times, it is not too awesome knowing that bad things occur in missions. I would like them all to just be perfect! :)

Well, that is about it for this past week or so! If possible, time is going even faster now that im here in the office! There is always something to do or something that needs to be fixed! 

I love you all and hope that everything is well!

Com amor,
Elder Moore

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