Monday, March 5, 2012

5 March 2012

So, it hasnt been that long since i wrote to you guys, but i feels like forever! Yup, the Temple was GREAT and i love it so much! Hope everything goes well with Dave and he gets to feelin better soon! Yes I want more details about the mission! I want a TON of details from everyone! You should give me an outline of what happened on you missions (what area - what companions - and what leadership responsibilities - and for how long!) :) i know it sounds like a lot of work, but i konw you can all do it!!! :)
So this past friday we got a new companion! Elder Jensen. He is 19 and had 5 months on the mission. From Brigham City, Utah and just looks like a Utah boy. So we went out on Saturday and worked (we won the contact contest by the way) (by a lot...) (cause we are AWESOME.) and then we had two more missionarys sleep at our house on sturday and sunday night (one of the Elders hadnt gotten his patriarchal blessing yet so they came here to get it Sunday) so we had a full house for the past couple nights!
Everything was good, but then we did something this morning that no one wanted to do. We took Elder Jensen to the mission office this morning so that he could go the airport. And go home..
It was one of the saddest things ever and i felt terrible.
We didnt know when we picked him up Friday night that this would be happening, but the idea was in the back of our minds for a while..then the phone call came and we knew what was going on.
So that was the past couple days, now im a little bummed out, but we just gotta get back in the work and do everything we can for the little time that we have.
One happy thing that i thought of yesterday. ITS ALMOST GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! Woo hoo! Im way excited for that but cant believe that its been 6 months since the last one! How weird!
Well, I love you all and my assignment for you this week is to go read Chapter 5 of Alma, it is just SO GOOD! I love it alot. I love all of you alot also!
Com amor,
Elder Moore

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