Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 27 2012

Que confusão de uma semana!

Im so jealous that you guys are going to conference! but i think that i will get to watch it in english this time! im so excited!!! Im sure i will get to see all 5 sessions. Im so happy that it is only  a week away!
well a normal day we get to the office at 9, i do a whole bunch on stuff (everything on a computer) and then we leave at about 6:30 or 7. Im actually back in Torreão (the area that i was in before being a secretary) because a missionary had pneumonia and he got out of the hospital after being in there for 9 days last week and im his companion/mother right now :) haha

so we dont really get to work that much at night for now because he is still recuperating from everything. Poor guy. His name is elder moat and he is still in his first transfer here in Recife. He doesnt really speak anything of portuguese and it pretty shy. but that is okay because we are helping him come out of his shell! i like him a lot and it will be cool to see him grow in his relationships with others and develop his talents even more so that he can be of good use to our Heavenly Father during his time here on the mission. 

I have been doing a couple divisions with Elder Batschi so that i can get out and work some and see some of the families that we had been teaching together. This past week i went to visit the family of Robson! They are so wonderful and i have an extremely deep love for them. They get visits from the missionarys almost every day and they are soaking up all of the knowledge we have to give them! But that is a very good thing. OH! Something really cool happened yesterday at church! Robson recieved the arronic priesthood and now is a teacher. Then he got made the 1st counsiler of the teachers quorum!!! Im so happy for him. Also, his whole family was at church and his little sister will be baptized this wednesday night! Im so extremely happy for them all. His mother (Selma) is such a sweetheart, but is one of the most timid people I have ever met! She is now working on getting legaly married with her husband so that they can enter the waters of baptism too. I love them!

I havent gotten any packages yet! But i will wait patiently... kind of. :) I will know the exact moment that it gets here though because im always in the office now!

Love you all so much and have a wonderful week this week!

Com amor,
Elder Moore

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