Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Real Missionary Work!!!

 So, every day here is EXACTLY the same, except for Friday. Friday was awesome, so I finally have something to put in my email home! On Friday we went out around the CTM (about a 2 mile radius) and each companionship was given 4 copies of The Book of Mormon to place. It was so awesome! We had an hour and a half and we made the best of it. We headed out and started placing them, and suprize...I got to do almost all of the talking! I´m totally okay with that though. It was a blast! We placed our first in about 10 minutes, but then we had a ton a rejections for about 45 minutes. We struck gold with our last three contacts though. They were all very nice and patient with our Portuguese, and it was so great! We committed 3 out of the 4 to go to church the following Sunday, but it stinks that I´ll never get to know what happened to them! It made me really sick of the CTM and all I want to do now is get to Recife and start doing work! Portuguese is still coming. I wouldn´t say that it´s easy, but it´s definitely fun! I love the language, but there is still SO much for me to learn. Other than Friday, every other day was the same. We wake up, shower, breakfast, personal study, class, lunch, more personal/comp study, dinner, class, bed. Pretty awesome, I know. It´s awesome to hear about the changes in the Ward! Congrads Bishop Dayhuff, and it was great to have Bishop Peterson! Well, questions are always good to have so that I can answer things and my emails will be longer! :) Love you all, and letters are always welcome! - Elder Moore

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