Friday, July 1, 2011

June 28th, 2011

The enter button doesn´t work here either so this email is going to be one big clump :).  There are 8 guys in my district and my Comp is......Elder Bowden....again.... SO I´ll just have to work with that. My new District is pretty cool, but I miss my old one a ton. The plane ride was extremely long and I didn´t get much sleep because my ankle was bothering me. The CTM is about a 1/10 the size of the MTC (people and building wise). Portuguese is so much faster here its crazy, but its good because I get to talk to Brazilians all day every day! They are such nice people and are so loving. We are going out on the town in about an hour or so, so that will be fun and I´ll have more to report about the city next week. São Paulo is HUGE. Honestly, the biggest thing Ive ever seen in my life. We got to go to the São Paulo Temple this morning, but that was really early. No problems with Customs or Immigration at all. Just smooth sailing! We still have gym 5 times a week but its extremely limited. And it´s only my District so that kind of sucks. Food is GREAT. And they portion it out for you so that´s good too. Tons of beans and rice, but it´s good. I think I answered all of the questions, so now I´ll tell you about some things I´ve been thinking about this week! The Gospel of Jesus Christ can apply to everyone and anything at anytime. You just need to find out how to tie it in. When we are talking about the Gospel with others, we can ALWAYS tie the Gospel in to whatever the conversation is about because it apply's to everything! It´s so great how that works :) Well, I love you all and PLEASE SEND LETTERS.

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