Sunday, October 23, 2011


Be nice to the missionaries. I heard something this week that is absolutley true about when missionaries are over for dinner or lunch or any meal. You can make the missionary encredibly happy by doing 4 things.
1. Feed them
2. Ask for them to share a message
3. Give them references
4. Tell them to go work!

Its so true and i wish the people did that here. I got asked a question yesterday that made me...mad. The question was at lunch yesterday at a members house and she asked, why dont missionaries stay in the members houses and make appointments with members throughout the day? She got kind of upset with us because we are the only companionship who hasnt done this. I wanted to say BECAUSE ALL THE OTHER MISSIONARIES YOUVE MEET ARE FUBECAS AND NEVER WORKED! But i didnt and poiletly explaned that we are called to teach people about the Gospel and to help people prepare for baptism. She still didnt really understand but she understood a little bit more. That is my angry story for the week! So talk to the missionaries and be nice to them :) ask them about home and just be their friends, but most importantly, GIVE REFERENCES! Also, make it known that you are willing to go on splits! Lessons with members are so much better than without members.

Thats my advice for the week! I love you! Have a wonderful week!

- Elder Moore

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