Friday, October 14, 2011


House Shopping!

We are about to go to a place and see if we can switch houses because our house sucks right now and we want to live in our area! Wish us luck!

This week has been waayy good, but SO FAST! I dont believe how fast time flys by every single week. Starting today, I have one more week being trained! Woo hoo! Im almost not a filhão! But things have changed. Elder Webb was transfered this past p-day and we have a new ZL now. So ive been living with 3 Brazilians for the past week! Woo! The Lord has blessed me so much and I can finally tell you that Im fluent. My comp told me that I was fluent when i hit my 4 month mark, so that was pretty sweet. Everyone is freaked out when they find out that Ive only been out for 4 months! I have 3 favorite questions I like to ask when we are meeting new people.

1) How long do you think ive been speaking português? =  Ive gotten from 1 year to ´wait...your not Brazilian?´ I absolutley love this question because I can get honest feedback and get to make friends at the same time!
2) How old do you think I am? = Ive gotten from 15 to 25 :) This question is pretty fun too.
3) This question is a bit different that the other ones. This question is during the first lesson after we tell the story of the first vision. The question is - What do you think about this story? To you, is this story easy or hard to believe? I love this question because every single answer is different and we get to know what the person thinks! Its always a fun time for me during the lesson.

So, this next monday is transfers, but i wont know anything until Sunday night. So if you dont get an email next monday, then im on a bus or metro or something going to Recife to go to a new area with a new comp!

This past Saturday we had 2 more baptisms. Eva (42) e Camila (11). They are both such wonderful examples to me and are suuuchhh cool people! Camila chose me to baptise her and Eva chose Elder Pires! So we both got to baptise! Woo! In the pic both of our shirts are soaked because we only brought one shirt each... that was silly... it was cold that night and we were freezing!

We had 2 investegators in church this week so well work for way more this week, but we will lose a day or so because we have to go to Recife this wednesday because i think a member of the area presidency is going to talk to us! Woo!

Well, thats about it for this week! Oh yeah, we have a lady in the ward who has a salon type thing and she cuts our hare :). I actually just got a harecut this morning!

Love you all so much!

- Elder Moore

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